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Aira Mitsuki and Saori@destiny will come back… together!

That’s right! As the title suggests, Aira Mitsuki and Saori@destiny are coming back with a brand new collaboration album! The album is titled “X~PARK OF THE SAFARI” and is set for release on December 7th! For those of you that … Continue reading

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MAA to release new single titled “OKay” on July 20th

Our favorite electropop newcomer MAA will release her 3rd single (also her first non-rental exclusive single) on July 20th! The single is titled “OKay“, a midtempo electropop track which features MAA’s strong vocals. The single will include two b-sides; “F.B” … Continue reading

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Nanba Shiho is on the brink of adulthood in “Kodona no Kaidan”

Indie pop starlet Nanba Shiho caught our eye only a few months ago with the release of her charming debut single “Aurora ni Kakurete.” Now, her audience is about to get even bigger! Her latest single “Kodona no Kaidan” is … Continue reading

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Miu Sakamoto unveils “HATSUKOI”

As previously posted. Miu Sakamoto announced via Twitter that she was working on a new album with producer Dave Liang (The Shanghai Restoration Project) once more. Finally, this past week complete information on the upcoming release has been revealed! The … Continue reading

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capsule to postpone new album “KILLER WAVE”

capsule‘s new album “KILLER WAVE” which was set to be released on March 23rd of this year has been postponed indefinitely. After the tragic incidents in Japan, capsule felt like postponing the album. Could it be because of the title? However, the capsule … Continue reading

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capsule to release their new album titled “KILLER WAVE”

Electronica duo capsule, composed by producer Nakata Yasutaka and vocalist Toshiko Koshijima, will release their 12th studio album titled “KILLER WAVE” on March 23rd. A year later after their last album, “PLAYER” which was released on March 3rd of 2010. … Continue reading

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★STAR GUiTAR releases his debut album

Japanese electro producer SiZK also known as ★STAR GUiTAR released his debut album titled “Carbon Copy” in January 7th of this year. ★STAR GUiTAR is well known for working with many popular artists such as Kana Nishino, ICONIQ, and mihimaru GT. … Continue reading

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