Welcome to ANTENNA POP! Your number one source for news on underrated and indie Asian acts! Our names are Pedro and Cait, and we’ll be your bloggers. This little blog is a a project we decided to start out to get the word out on many underrated, unpopular, and indie Asian acts. With Antenna Pop you’ll learn about many talented people who create music for what it is– a form of art. We really hope you guys enjoy our articles, and discover many great artists! Happy reading!

Where does Antenna Pop comes from?

The title “Antenna Pop” occurred while looking for a title using capsule’s discography. The song “アンテナ” (Japanese katakana for Antenna), which is actually an interlude, is found as track 6 on capsule’s sixth album “L.D.K. Lounge Designers Killer“. If you listen to the interlude, it shows a futuristic sound, as if it were a machine looking for a frequency.

For us, the “antenna” represents the way music communicates with us. This, being a blog for mostly indie and underrated music, makes a very good use of the “antenna“, as in, you’ll only find this music through a frequency using an antenna. Thus using “pop” after. As if it were a genre of it’s own. Called “Antenna Pop“.

Since the title originates from capsule, Antenna Pop also decided to use capsule as the layout’s header. In Antenna Pop’s header you can find an image scan from the special MARQUEE Magazine issue “capsule Archive“.



I go by the name of Pedro. I’m a 19-year-old guy from Puerto Rico, now living in Philadelphia, PA, who has a deep passion for Asian music. Mostly indie and unrecognized acts. I’m a college student majoring in Broadcasting, Telecommunications & Mass Media, while minoring in Japanese. I’m fully bilingual, Spanish being my first language. I’m also the original creator and main administrator of Antenna Pop.

My favorite artists include; MEG, Aira Mitsuki, capsule, immi, Miu Sakamoto, Waa Wei, Perfume, Saori@destiny, SAWA, The Shanghai Restoration Project, A-bee, Clazziquai Project, Casker, among many others.


I’m Cait, a 19-year-old girl living in the U.S. and trying to find her way in life. I’ve been studying Japanese for about four years and I love using my knowledge of the language to promote lesser-known artists worldwide. MEG is my religion, I love cats, and I currently write for JpopAsia in addition to the other blogging I do.

My favorite artists include MEG, Perfume, capsule, RAM RIDER, Aira Mitsuki, Saori@destiny, A-bee, immi, SAWA, Nakatsuka Takeshi and more.


Here are several ways to contact us. If you’re e-mailing us, make sure to write a proper subject so we won’t think it’s spam! If you leave the subject entry blank, we will mark it as spam. Also, if you decide to add either us on Facebook or Livejournal, make sure to leave a message first.

Contact Pedro:
E-mail: pedrodiaz91@gmail.com

Contact Cait:
E-mail: roomgirl@livejournal.com
Stars in the blue sky*


2 Responses to About

  1. Oliver Mayor says:

    Very cool focus; the rest of world has been in need of better coverage of the Asian indie world for a while. Any interest in covering Asian indie hip-hop? Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your posts so far and I’m looking forward to more.

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