Nanba Shiho is on the brink of adulthood in “Kodona no Kaidan”

Indie pop starlet Nanba Shiho caught our eye only a few months ago with the release of her charming debut single “Aurora ni Kakurete.” Now, her audience is about to get even bigger! Her latest single “Kodona no Kaidan” is the collaborative effort of Sakanaction‘s Yamaguchi Ichiro and Base Ball Bear‘s Koide Yusuke and will be sold exclusively to Tower Records stores as of June 15th (the song has already premiered on Tokyo FM’s SCHOOL OF LOCK! and you can get your first listen at the 7:56 mark in this video here).

The timing, a day after her 18th birthday, is no coincidence: “kodona” is a combination of the Japanese words kodomo (child) and otona (adult). Composer Yamaguchi said of Nanba, “Though she isn’t simple-minded, she has a strong sense of childlike purity about her, but I also thought her to be someone with the frank and honest eyes of an adult. I was left very interested in the kind of adult she’ll grow up to be.” On his approach to the song’s composition, he spoke of his desire to create something that didn’t fall in line with the trends of today, but even so, could only be sung in the present. Similarly, Koide — who described Nanba as “unlike anything in the music scene these days” — chose to explore the moment in time between childhood and adulthood in the song’s lyrics.

To ensure that Nanba reaches fresh ears far and wide, not one, but two tie-in campaigns for the single have been secured! For many years, Pocky and music channel SPACE SHOWER TV have worked to put the spotlight on up-and-coming artists in their collaborative CMs, and Nanba can now count herself amongst them. Both the CM and her single’s upcoming PV were supervised by award-winning Perfume art director Seki Kazuaki; you can see the many sides of Nanba on Pocky’s site here.

In another great opportunity, “Kodona no Kaidan” is also set to serve as the theme song to the 2011 Parco Swim Dress campaign. Aimed towards the summer swimsuit season, the CM is planned to be shown both on TV and in Parco buildings across the country.

We look forward to what the future has in store for this highly underrated singer!

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