Antenna Pop welcomes our new writer, Cait!

So Antenna Pop readers might know that this blog is run by one person. In other words, me. As I feel that one writer is not enough for this wonderful blog, I decided to add one more writer. Now officially making Antenna Pop a team! I’m also considering adding more writers in the future, but for now it’ll be the two of us.

Our new writer is Cait! She’s a very dear friend of mine, and she also runs her own blog titled “Stars in the blue sky*“, make sure to check it out! She’s also one of the writers in JPopAsia, which is very impressive from my point of view. One of the reasons why I decided to do this, is because I feel like I rarely update Antenna Pop. Making very little posts. However, now with Cait joining me, there will be more variety and more frequent posts. So make sure to check us out more often!

I also have opened a “Suggestions” page, where you can comment and suggest a favorite indie act of your own to be featured in our blog. Of course, not all suggestions will be taken, but if we feel like your suggestion is indeed interesting to talk about, then we’ll post about it! The suggestions do not limit just by artists, but by topics as well. There is many possibilities, so don’t be afraid to suggest something!

That’ll be all for now, make sure to support and look forward to Cait’s posts!


About Pedro Diaz

Asian indie music enthusiast.
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