Taiwan’s Waa stuns listeners with her new album

Taiwanese indie pop singer Waa Wei (full name Wei Ru Xuan, and simply known as Waa), who debuted in 2008 with her first album, released her second album titled “優雅的刺蝟 (Elegant Prick)” in mid 2010. Leading with the single “困在 (Trapped In)“. Unlike her first album, this one goes even deeper on a whole new level. Experimenting with various genres such as ambient, pop, jazz, dream pop, electronica, lounge and even folk. While her fanbase may not be huge, she still captures the hearts of many.

Reminding me a more modern, sharpened, and light Björk, Waa amazes me with her perfectly produced album. “困在 (Trapped In)” which is composed by Maximilian Hecker and lyrics written by Qing Feng from Sodagreen captures big emotion onto the song. Bringing us a very beautiful electronic-pop ballad, capturing a relaxing atmosphere.

Waa also worked with Chinese indie pop duo Carrchy, on the fourth track of the album titled “沒有關係 (Does Not Matter)“. The song is composed by Fly from Carrchy while the lyrics are written by Waa herself. Another favorite from the album, bringing us a very simple, cheerful, and lovely melody. The album is truly the best for chill-out music, fits any relaxing atmosphere perfectly, giving us a café-like feel.

Before going solo she was part of indie pop duo Natural Q, along with musician Jige. Releasing two albums before leaving for unknown reasons. Now Jige adapted Natural Q as his own stagename, and became a solo act releasing a third album. Waa is also a DJ on Taiwanese radio station “BCC i radio FM96” serving as the host for the show “I-Happy“. Waa has surely surprised many with her uncanny talents. An amazing voice, great looks, and charming charisma. Waa definitely brings us great quality music.

Check out the music video for “困在 (Trapped In)” below!


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5 Responses to Taiwan’s Waa stuns listeners with her new album

  1. Cait says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this artist! I still have yet to listen to her album, but from this song alone, she’s like a bit of immi and Sakamoto Miu rolled into one. I love it. ♥

  2. Donovon says:

    Waa ❤ She's amazing.

  3. ceramicrobot says:

    She looks so amazing. And that video/song was so beautiful. ;_;
    Thanks for the introduction.

  4. Koumori says:

    I want to listen to the album, but can’t find it anywhere u_u But thanks for the intro!

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