Miu Sakamoto discovers a new world

Japanese musician Miu Sakamoto released her sixth album titled “Phantom Girl” in May of 2010. After a two year absence since her last album “Zoy“. This time, daughter of legendary musician, teamed up with Chinese-American indie producer Dave Liang. Who is very well known for being the mastermind behind The Shanghai Restoration Project.

“Phantom Girl” captures the essence of ethnic Chinese music bringing it a experimental electronic pop twist. Similar to that of Dave Liang’s own work. However, by incorporating Miu Sakamoto’s beautiful lyrics and fabulous voice gives it a great turnout. An absolutely fantastic collaboration.

The leading track of “Phantom Girl” titled “Phantom Girl’s First Love” was used to promote the album, along “Silent Fiction“. “Phantom Girl’s First Love” is a very cheerful yet chill track, giving great promotion to the album by showing the listeners a taste of what to find. It’s music video is visually stunning, captured magnificently with bright sunlight-like colors. Also while adapting a modified version of a Chinese-style dragon, using it as a mascot or pet, also present in the album cover and most promotional photos. The album sure gives us a truly unique experience in music as it is.

It was also recently revealed via Twitter by Dave Liang himself, that he was in the recording studio working once again with Miu Sakamoto. Does this mean this fantastic collaboration will team up once more release a new album? I sure hope so! “Phantom Girl” surely is one of 2010’s top favorites, a pure underrated gem.

Check out Miu Sakamoto’s music video for “Phantom Girl’s First Love” below!


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2 Responses to Miu Sakamoto discovers a new world

  1. KremlinChaos says:

    Oh this album is so good! I’m trying to find her other albums online but I haven’t been successful :(.

    • Donovon says:

      Her album DAWN PINK is on JPS and KMC. I highly recommend it. It’s not as electro but it’s very ambient, and I think you’ll like it.

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