Will Genki Rockets finally begin their new era?

Late last year, it was reported via Twitter, that Japanese electro/dance project Genki Rockets released a new song in a special collaboration with Sony. The song, titled “make.believe” (pronounced make dot believe), which is also Sony’s new slogan, was released via the PlayStation Network Store in Japan. The song first debuted at Sony’s “make.believe” 3D event. Later in December 22nd of 2010, the music video for “make.believe” was released in a special Blu-ray pack also including a new music video for “Star Surfer” found on their debut album and a new version for “Heavenly Star“. All music videos in the new 3D Blu-ray format!

Not only that, but they also announced a special collaboration with upcoming video game titled “Child of Eden“. The video game is a special rhythm shooter adventure game, and the first one of it’s kind. It’s being developed for the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move. The soundtrack will be completely by Genki Rockets. Will the new era for Genki Rockets finally begin? Fans have been questioning the possibility of a brand new album featuring the new song “make.believe“!

Below you can check the brand new music video for “make.believe“, and also a trailer for “Child of Eden“!


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One Response to Will Genki Rockets finally begin their new era?

  1. galaxyboy says:

    everything about “make.believe” was excellent! and they already debuted a new song called “curiosity!” I can’t wait to see what else they’ve got in store 🙂

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