Pour Lui to put solo career on hold while she leads in a new girl group

Japanese indie pop rock idol Pour Lui, who released her debut mini-album last year titled “Minna no Pour Lui” will put her solo career on hold, as she will debut leading a new girl group called “B i S” with 3 other members. B i S stands for “Brand-new idol Society“, and they will release their debut album in March of 2010. The album will be produced by Matsukuma Kenta, the man behind Pour Lui’s debut mini-album. He’s also known for producing Aira Mitsuki‘s “Every night heartfull music song” as well for providing the guitars in Aira Mitsuki’s cover for “Rock n’Roll is Dead“.

Pour Lui’s last release was a digital single titled “Elegant no Kaibutsu” which is a cover of the band Spank Happy. The single marked the indefinite hiatus of her solo career. Now, B i S released the song “Taiyou no jumon” free of cost via indie music site OTOTOY. Which gives us a little taste of the debut album. The song is a ballad, featuring an early 90s-style idol pop sound.

The other members of B i S are Nakayama Yukiko, Yokoyama Rina and Hirano Nozomi. While Pour Lui serves as the leader. The girls were chosen in auditions held by OTOTOY and Ustream in where they were asked about themselves and the idols they admire. Now fans of Pour Lui are anticipating the new B i S album, hoping it’ll have the signature sound of Pour Lui.

To give us another example of how the debut album of B i S may sound, check out the music video for Pour Lui’s song “I’m coming!!” below!


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