Bewitching looks and unique voice, did MAA make a successful debut?

Japanese indie electropop newcomer, MAA, debuted late last year. She gained a lot of attention for her bewitching looks and unique voice. Being half-Japanese and half-American has given her an exotic look, and people describe her with “the looks of a witch” and with thirteen tattoos on her body and her eccentric attitude fans gave her the nickname of “psycho-Cinderella“.

She released her debut single titled “Ghost Enemy” in September of 2010. But it wasn’t until she released her second single titled “Ballerina Brain System” in November of 2010, that made more of an impact. Gaining her many new fans. “Ballerina Brain System” is an electropop track, with unique crazy lyrics which feature just how strong MAA seems to be. Shortly after the single release, in December of 2010 MAA released her debut album titled “Monkey Kingdom” featuring 8 wonderful tracks including “Ghost Enemy” and “Ballerina Brain System“.

So, did MAA make a successful debut? Her album reached #158 on the Oricon Charts in Japan. You may think that it’s not very good, but for being an album released on an indie label it’s not bad at all. She has even gone higher than artists on major labels. But it’s not the first time that MAA has tried to break into the music industry. As she was one half of the short-lived rock duo MarBell. Which shortly after their debut album, disbanded. MAA surely deserves the title of “best new artist of 2010” in my eyes. And I can’t wait for what 2011 will bring for MAA.

Check out the music video for “Ballerina Brain System” below!


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16 Responses to Bewitching looks and unique voice, did MAA make a successful debut?

  1. Koumori says:

    Heyy!~ I found out about your blog on Twitter, and I like all the artists here..keep up the great work! It’s so great to find a blog giving credit and a mention to the amazing but definitely underrated indie stars in Japan.

  2. chukuma says:

    Gosh, I love this song! I’m gonna check out her debut album! 😀

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